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Health Checks, Action Plan and Hospital Passport

Annual Health Checks

Young people aged 14 plus, with a learning disability are entitled to a free Annual Health Check.

It gives young people a chance to get used to their GP, discuss their worries and for any health issues to be picked up quickly.  Ask your GP about this.

Health Action Plan

Everyone with a learning disability is entitled to have a Health Action Plan.  Make an appointment to see a health worker. This might be a doctor, nurse, or someone else who helps with your young person’s health.

The Health Action Plan will help with getting the right information about their health and how to do the right things to look after themselves, e.g. eating food that is good for them and doing exercise. It also looks at being safe at home, or when they are out, having enough money and somewhere nice to live, having friends and interesting things to do.

For further help or information contact Suzanne Taylor, Learning Disability Nurse Primary Care.

Tel: 0191 210 6868

Hospital Passport

This is a document to help patients with a learning disability to provide staff with important information about themselves.

It can be completed with family, support staff or health professionals. These are usually offered if a patient attends a pre-assessment clinic or hospital appointment.

Contact Alison Forsyth or Heather Jarvis, Learning Disability Acute Liaison Nurses.

Tel: 0191 282 9936