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Health Services

Children’s Nutrition Services

The Paediatric Dietetic Team promotes good nutrition to enhance growth and development in children and young people.

The dietitians see children and their families as part of their outpatient appointments with doctors and nurses at clinics in the hospital.

They also see patients in specific nutrition clinics. They provide information and support on a range of issues around diet, food and health, including:

  • cow’s milk protein allergy
  • growth faltering
  • poor oral intake
  • fussy eating
  • poor weight gain
  • deficiency of vitamins and minerals

Patients can also be referred to the paediatric dietitian by their GP.

Tel: 0191 282 3957

Community Dental Service

Provides treatment for people with learning difficulties/dental phobic.  Please contact the service in your area for an appointment:

Arthur’s Hill Clinic – 0191 282 3209

Kenton Centre – 0191 282 3800

Walker Centre – 0191 213 8997

Molineux Street NHS Centre – 0191 213 8550

Continence service

If your child is aged 3+ and still using continence products then help is available to promote continence. Ask your health visitor for an assessment and advice.

If your child is school age, then a continence assessment can be undertaken by your GP or school health advisor.

Further help and advice is available from Louise Marsland, Paediatric Continence Advisor.

Tel: 0191 282 3451

Wheelchair Services Team

This team carry out assessments and supply equipment such as specialist pushchairs or buggies.

A referral can be made by any health professional working with your child.

Web: www.newcastle-hospitals.org.uk

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