Mindfulness for Life is a programme designed to bring mindfulness to people with learning disability and or autism. This programme has been developed by Skills for People in partnership with people who have living experience of learning disability and/or autism and experts in mindfulness.

What is Mindfulness?

  • mindfulness for life logoNoticing what is happening right now
  • Paying attention
  • Being aware of what’s going on inside and around us
  • Trying not to live in our heads
  • Not judging ourselves and other unkindly

Why Mindfulness?

  • Mindfulness is known to help people cope with anxiety, stress, unhappiness or exhaustion.
  • Often we do not notice the good things that happen in our lives that can make us feel happy, Mindfulness can help change that!

Our Mindfulness for Life programme includes a course for people with learning disabilities or autism to learn how to use mindfulness.

We also support a weekly practice group which helps people to keep going strong with mindfulness.

The impact on people’s lives has gone way beyond what we had hoped. Our practice group members are now champions for the benefits that mindfulness can bring to us all.

Working with Your Voice Counts, Sunderland People First, Cumbria Independent Advocacy and many other local organisations, we have rolled out our programme across the NE and Cumbria to bring Mindfulness for Life to more people.

People who have attended our courses can now access at our Mindfulness for Life Hub and resources, to support them to keep practising mindfulness in their daily lives.

Who to Contact

To find out more, contact Kathy Steele and Gail Wright:

Tel: 0191 281 8737 0r email: information@skillsforpeople.org.uk

Thank you to our supporters

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