Staff Team

Meet our Team

Find out who works here at Skills for People – the list is sorted alphabetically (A to Z) by first name.

Aileen Straker
Aileen Straker – Keyworker
Amy McLackland
Andrea Mullen
Andrea Mullen – Project Worker 
Annie Carden
Annie Carden – Family Advice and Support Team
Anthony Fothergill – Quality Checker
Rebecca (Becky) Helliar
Becky Helliar – Wellbeing Worker
Billy Richardson – Quality Checker
Bryn Mordey
Bryn Mordey – Project Worker
Carolyn Granthier – Project worker, Redcar and Cleveland
Chris Miller
Chris Miller – Project Worker
Christabel James
Christabel James – Administrator
Clare Penny-Evans – Family Advice and Support Team Lead
Craig Richardson
Darren Etherington – Admin
Dawn Preston – Key Worker
Donna Johnson
Donna Johnston – Quality Checker Lead, IMCA and Project Worker
Emily Walsh
Emily Walsh – Project Worker
Emily Young
Emily Young – Project Worker
Erin Schuler
Erin Schuler – Wellbeing Worker
Freddy Maguire
Freddie Maguire – Domestic Worker
Gail Wright – Project Worker
Graham Snaith – Building and Facilities Manager
Helen Bailey
Helen Bailey – Key Worker
Jacqui Maher
Jacqui Maher – Project Support Worker
Jemma Kilkerri
Jenny Frazer
Jenny Frazer – Project Support Worker (Teesside)
Jimmy Proudlock
Jimmy Proudlock – Keyworking – Team Lead
Jillian Allan
Jillian Allan – Family Advice and Support Team
Kate Chaplin
Kate Chaplin – Deputy Chief Executive
Katie George
Katie George – Keyworker
Kerri Vincent
Kerry Vincent
Kerry Moralee
Kerry Moralee – Family Advice and Support Team 
Kirstie Sample
Kirstie Sample – Project Worker 
Lauren Garvey
Lauren Garvey – Project Worker (Teesside)
Leanne Geritz
Leanne Geritz – Director of Services (Adults Team)
Lesley Cottrell
Lesley Cottrell – Office Manager
Liz Wright – Chief Executive
Lucy Liu
Lucy Liu – Family Advice and Support Team
Michael Watts
Michael Watts – Community Connector
Neil Pattinson
Neil Pattinson – Domestic Worker
Sally Hoban
Sally Hoban – Tyneside Adults Team Manager
Sam Jangira
Sam Jangira – Project Worker
Sara Harris
Sara Harris – Wellbeing Worker
Sarah Boon
Sarah Ewles
Sarah Sargeant
Sarah Sargeant – Project Worker
Shelagh Middleton
Shelagh Middleton – Family Advice and Support Team
Stewart Chappell
Stewart Chappell – Project Worker 
Susan Crame
Susan Crame – Administrator
Suzie Fothergill
Suzie Fothergill – Quality Checker
Thomas Davies
Thomas Davies – Community Connector and All Autistics Accepted (AAA) Group Leader
Tina Maguire
Tina Maguire – Administrator

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