Information and Support

Our Information and Support service is provided in Redcar and Cleveland. Our team support people with learning disabilities in a range of ways: information, guidance; and support to get involved in the community: whatever the challenge, our team aims to help.

One-to-one / Individual support

Our Individual support services aim to help you “get the life you want”.

You can get support from another person to help you when you need it.

How we will work with you

  • Get to know you
  • Talk about how you want your life to be
  • Help you to do things for yourself
  • Help you to be more confident
  • Help you meet new people and make new friends
  • Help you get all the information you need to make decisions
  • Support you to go to a new place for the first time

We will ask you if you want our help

  • It is ok to say yes or no
  • We will decide together how long we will help you for
  • It is ok to say if you don’t want our help anymore

We do not work for Social Services or the NHS.  We will only talk to other people about you when you want us to or if you or someone you know might get hurt.

You need to be 18+ and living in Redcar and Cleveland to access the Individual Support service. To get a referral form please contact Carolyn Granthier or Rachel Nussey at or

Leadership and advocacy skills

Supporting people to:

  • Understand and develop self advocacy skills
  • Be peer advocates
  • Be leaders

We also support a number of speaking up groups for people with learning disabilities in Redcar and Cleveland, including Independent Voices and Independent women.  We also support young people with learning disabilities to teach others about self advocacy in a project they named ‘Advocacy is not an Avocado’.

Advocacy is not an avacado projectWe offer training for people with learning disabilities about making friends and also to local health and social care staff about how to support people with learning disabilities to make friends and build relationships.

People with learning disabilities have been going into schools in Redcar and Cleveland to raise awareness among children about the lives and challenges faced by people with learning disabilities.

For more information please contact us on 0191 281 8737 or email

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