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Ways to help at home

  • Maintain or build self esteem and confidence
  • Be encouraging and find things that the child is good at – praise for effort
  • Provide support for homework (but don’t write your child’s work or do the maths homework)
  • Help your child to be organised, establish a sensible routine
  • Encourage hobbies, interests and out of school activities and find time to listen
  • Try to find ways of enjoying books together
  • Where possible involve your child in finding practical solutions to problems
  • Tackle hard tasks in small steps
  • Be consistent but not unrealistic
  • Dyslexic children often need to be taught things that other children pick up without specific adult help. e.g. how to tidy a drawer,
  • Try to maintain a sense of humour!

Helping with homework

  • Try to find a regular time and create routine
  • Helpful if child can work away from distractions but be near enough to ask for help when needed
  • Agree a sensible time limit with the child’s teacher
  • Set a timer. Several short bursts could be more effective for learning than one long session
  • Help by reading instructions and long passages when needed
  • It is useful for your child to have a friend who won’t mind being phoned to check on homework