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Multi-sensory teaching

What is Multi-sensory teaching?

  • Multi-sensory techniques use more than one sensory channel for input of information
  • Multi sensory teaching reinforces learning through the simultaneous use of the visual, auditory and motor channels

The four main channels of learning are:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Oral Kinaesthetic
  • Kinaesthetic (by touch or feel)

Visual Processing Difficulties

  • Lack of directional control (reading left to right)
  • Poor word recognition (even familiar words)
  • Poor memory for letters and for spelling patterns
  • Visual distractions

Motor Skills Difficulties

  • Fine motor control
  • Messy eating, using cutlery
  • Using scissors, rubber, pencil, tracing
  • Tying shoe laces

Auditory Processing Difficulties

  • Poor short term verbal memory span
  • Repeating messages
  • Following a series of instructions
  • Learning or repeating rhymes
  • Clapping or beating time to music
  • Remembering common sequences
  • Difficulty in taking notes in class

Speaking and Listening Difficulties

  • Mumbling
  • Jerky
  • Non-fluent

Thought Processing Difficulties

Sequencing and organising which relies on working memory