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Common strengths and difficulties

Common Dyslexic Strengths

  • Articulate
  • Sense of humour
  • Curiosity and interest
  • Creative/ Inventive
  • Practical
  • Intelligent
  • Frequent interest in science/ computing

Common difficulties

  • Dyslexic children are often late in learning to read and spell
  • Often have difficulty with naming tasks
  • Sometimes have difficulty detecting rhyme
  • They are weak at memory tasks e.g. recalling a sequence of numbers presented orally
  • Often find mental arithmetic difficult
  • Have difficulty learning sequences such as months of the year and multiplication tables
  • Slow in learning material presented exclusively in written form
  • Reading, spelling and writing maths words
  • Reading numbers and reversing numbers
  • Connecting the correct symbol to the word read e.g. add means using the symbol +
  • Remembering number bonds and understanding place value
  • Recognising the decimal point and using a calculator correctly
  • Understanding percentages and fractions
  • An inability to transfer skills from one topic to another
  • Lack of confidence which can slow them down