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Taxi Card

This offers convenient and affordable transport for some people with restricted mobility.

  • Require higher rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Attendance Allowance or 8 points in mobility component of Personal Independent Payments (PIP)
  • Registered as severely visually impaired or blind
  • Application form to complete for new members to the scheme
  • If your taxi fare is £6 or less, you can use your TaxiCard to pay half the fare. If your taxi fare is over £6, use your Taxi card to pay £3, and then you will pay the rest of the fare
  • Members will be given a Taxi Card User Handbook

You can book a taxi on day required (although more notice may be required for wheelchair accessible taxis).

Tel: 0191 202 0747

Email: customerservices@nexus.org.uk for more information and to register.