Online Meeting Rooms

Welcome to our online meeting rooms.

These are used for groups to meet up online using videoconferencing.  They use software from

To Join a Meeting

Click on the name of the room you were sent in you invitation:

Why is the computer asking for permission?

To use audio and video in a meeting you will be asked to give permission for this on your computer.  You get a message on the screen saying “cam and mic are not active”, click on request permission to activate them.

Why do I have to “knock”?

You may be asked to “knock” to get permission to join the meeting.  The organiser of the meeting will then let you in to the meeting room.

Keeping Safe Online

Please remember we need to keep you safe in our meeting rooms.  Please do not invite people to meetings without asking Skills for People’s permission.

Technical Issues

Solutions to common technical problems:

  • Keep the volume low on your computer to avoid problems with feedback or echo.  You can use headphones to avoid this problem.
  • Internet Explorer can cause problems when accessing the meeting rooms, try using Firefox or Google Chrome instead


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