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Preparing for Adulthood Review

What should the Preparing for Adulthood Review include?

The Preparing for Adulthood Review does not just cover education, but should look at all areas of your young person’s life, such as what they would like to achieve and what their hopes are for the future.  Areas that can be discussed include:

  • health
  • employment
  • relationships
  • housing
  • money matters
  • access to leisure opportunities
  • travelling independently
  • future education or training

How to get the best from the Preparing for Adulthood Review

  • Prepare well in advance
  • Support your young person to think about what is important to them
  • Do some research by looking at websites and gathering information
  • Prepare your parental views including a list of questions or issues you would like to discuss
  • Contact agencies who can support you at the review
  • Ask for a copy of the Preparing for Adulthood plan or the agreed actions at the end of the meeting