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What is SRE?

Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) is learning about the emotional, social and physical aspects of growing up, relationships, sex, human sexuality and sexual health. Some aspects are taught in science and others are taught as part of personal, social, health and education (PSHE).

A comprehensive programme of SRE provides accurate information about the body, reproduction, sex and sexual health. It also gives children and young people essential skills for building positive, enjoyable, respectful and non-exploitative relationships and staying safe both on and offline.

When should SRE begin?

Some of the areas can be covered from when your child is very young, for example:

  • Emotions – helping them understand what they are feeling.
  • Relationships eg. family, friends and strangers and appropriate behaviour with each of the groups.
  • Public and private places eg. bedroom, lounge, school and appropriate behaviour in each setting.