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SRE in Schools

Mainstream and special schools have a duty to ensure that pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) are properly included in SRE. These pupils may need more help than others in coping with the physical and emotional aspects of growing up; they may also need more help in learning what sorts of behaviours are and are not acceptable. They may also need to be warned and prepared against unacceptable behaviour by some adults. They will need help to develop skills to reduce the risks of being abused and exploited. SRE should enable them to make positive decisions in their lives. Teaching SRE may need to be repeated to ensure understanding.

Parents in Partnership with school

Some parents and carers of children with SEND may find it difficult to accept their children’s developing sexuality and the idea that their children will some day become sexually active. It is important that parents and teachers work closely to build confidence in the SRE programme.

Questions for parents to ask in school

  • Ask your school who is the subject lead for SRE. You can ask the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) or the Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) Co-ordinator.
  • Ask if you can have a copy of the school’s SRE policy.
  • Ask what provision is made for people that learn in a different way (if your young person is in mainstream provision).
  • Ask what resources will be used with your young person.
  • Ask how you could be involved to support and endorse your child’s learning at home.
  • How will your child will have access to school nurses?
  • Ask school how they will assess your child’s/young person’s understanding of what they have learnt.

More hints and tips….

  • Discuss with the SENCO or PSHE Co-ordinator about the regularity of SRE Education.
  • Ensure that your child is not withdrawn from PSHE to catch up on other National Curriculum subjects.
  • Discuss with the SENCO what support your child needs and how often this should take place.
  • If more support is required ask for it at review meetings.
  • If your young person is in a further education setting ask who is responsible for or can continue the SRE.