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Families living with a child with a disability

Housing Options for families living with a child with a disability

Social housing – Most councils use a points or a banding system to award you higher or lower priority. Check the rules in your area as they can vary. Use the Official government website to find your council’s website or ring to request a leaflet: www.gov.uk

You may get priority for a medical condition e.g. if you have someone in your household with physical, mobility or mental health problems which are made worse by where you live.

  • Explain the difficulties this causes, providing as much detail as possible
  • Provide details of any doctor, health worker or social worker who can support your application and ask them for supporting letters if possible
  • Also include any support networks which mean you need to be in a certain area e.g. near a certain school, or near relatives or friends who help you with your caring responsibilities

Equipment Loan – Some local authorities provide equipment such as a stair lift on loan if they consider it would be necessary and appropriate to meet your needs.