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Family Fund

This Fund will consider any request on its merits and within the following grant-making criteria:

  • The Family Fund is open to families with children/young people aged 17 and under who have a severe disability or serious illness
  • The family must be resident in the UK
  • Child/young person must be in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Families who receive tax credits or certain benefits
  • The Family Fund cannot help on behalf of children and young people in local authority care, including those living with relatives or foster carers

You must complete an application form which can be downloaded and sent in by post or you can complete the form online. You can also call

0844 974 4099 or write requesting a form from:

The Family Fund,
Unit 4, Alpha Court,
Monks Cross Drive,
YO32 9WN.

Web: www.familyfund.org.uk

Email: info@familyfund.org.uk

The Family Fund will support families who are looking for funding towards a family holiday or day trips out.