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EHCP Year 9 Annual Review

At the year 9 EHCP review all young people with a statement or EHCP need to plan what the options are post 16 and prepare for adulthood.

They will be given a Connexions Adviser whose role is to guide them through the choices available for their future with regard to education, training and employment. The Year 9 EHCP review should include everyone involved with the young person’s life e.g. Connexions Adviser, teachers, social worker and health professionals and should cover all areas of their life, not just education.

It is important that your young person’s views are included in the reviews as the EHCP should address post 16 education, work, independence, friendships and leisure. It should help them work towards what they hope to achieve in the future and the skills and support they need for this.

Moving on

Our Family Advice Workers can also help by attending meetings and visiting post 16 education with you. We can research alternative provision and recommend or liaise with other agencies who can support you and your young person with transition.