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How are needs assessed?

The assessment could be face to face, between the person and an assessor, or a supported self-assessment online or by phone assessment.  A trained assessor will ask questions to:

  • Help identify what the adult’s needs are (based on the ‘Outcomes’)
  • Find out how those needs impact on their wellbeing
  • See if their ability to achieve what they want to in life is affected

The assessment will also look at the person’s wider circumstances, including whether they have an existing wider support network and which services they might already be using.

The assessment will be person-centred, and the Local Authority should provide an advocate where appropriate to ensure that an individual can be involved in the process.

There will also be a financial assessment, and some people might have to contribute towards the cost of their care.

Assessed as not meeting the eligibility criteria

If you do not agree with the decision about your eligibility, please contact your local adult social care department to appeal the decision.