Your Individual Budget


Individual or Personal Budgets are a new way for you to get the support you need in a way that makes sense for you, this is sometimes called Self directed Support.

Here’s what In Control say about Self Directed Support:

“What is Self‐Directed Support?

_Self‐Directed Support is a new system. It's about people being in control of the support they need to live their life as they choose. Some people manage their support on their own. Others need help ‐ from family or friends or people who are paid to help. In the old system, professionals made all the decisions about the support people could have and who would provide it. The person needing support often had no control.

This new system started with social care and the money in social services. But it's quickly becoming about health, education and other funding and services.“

Click here to download In Control’s leaflet: In Control What is Self Directed Support? ()

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In Self Directed Support people are given a budget to spend on their support rather than have the council arrange support for them. To figure out how you will use your budget you need to make a support plan which describes the kind of life you want to live and the support you need to make this happen, building on the skills you have and the relationships you have but also spending your budget

Here at Skills for People we have got lots of experience at helping people with their individual budgets, from supporting people to do it themselves, training people to do support plans, support planning with people to organising people’s support.

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Skills for People supported a group of people and their families in Newcastle upon Tyne to produce a pack to guide people through Self Directed Support. It’s called Finding Your Way you can download it here.