Working in schools


Changing our Future is a unique, award winning course which brings disabled people and mainstream school children together.

The course is led by our team of disabled people who use their life experiences to help children think about their attitudes. Together, it is our way of tackling the problem of bullying and harassment to create a brighter future for everyone.

How we do this

We can work with classes of children by either leading a series of lessons or school assemblies to cover issues such as:

  • Challenging myths and stereotypes held about disabled people
  • Differences and sameness
  • Raising awareness about the challenges faced by disabled people in society
  • Learning about social barriers and prejudices
  • Facts and figures about Hate Crime
  • Creating a World where everyone is invited to take part

More importantly, simply by spending some time together and being able to ask the questions that come naturally, friendship and respect between disabled and school children follows. A rewarding and valuable experience for everyone where everyone gains!

Things people and children have said about our course:

“I used to feel scared going passed a school nearby but doing the work with the children has helped me to be less scared”
- Member of the Changing Our Future Team

“Doing the work gives me a chance to make a difference locally so the World can be a better place for not just disabled people, but for everyone”
- Member of the Changing Our Future Team

“We are all human, we all have feelings on the inside, we all need friendship; we all want to be treated the same way; we all want chips”
- Student who attended our course