Quality Checkers


Our Quality Checkers team of people who use services (‘experts by experience') have been making services for people with learning disabilities better for years.

We have been teaching people with learning disabilities and their supporters how to become Quality Checkers who can check how well local services support people with learning disabilities.

Health Quality Checkers

Since 2010 we have been training people to become Health Quality Checkers, to check how well health services meet the needs of people with learning disabilities. We have been working with other organisations, and NHSEngland on a new national NHS Quality Checkers project.

Social Return on Investment Audit

An independent Social Return on Investment Audit showed just how much money can be saved by involving the Quality Checkers. The SROI audit report is not yet published, but get in touch if you want us to send you a copy when it is.

How Quality Checkers make services better

We make standards for services, standards that people who use the services would choose for themselves.

We worked with Paradigm to write the REACH Standards in Supported Living. People with learning disabilities use these to make their support better.

We have also written standards for a range of other services such as housing, health and activities that young people want to use.

We use these standards to check how well services are doing. We spend time with people in their homes and out and about in their communities to get a full picture of how they are supported. We speak to others who know the person well, such as families, advocates and care managers.

Then we report to the people who provide the service, or pay for it. We write a full report and an easy report to tell people what we found out. We present our findings to everyone who took part.

What we can offer:

  • Quality Checkers Training and support for self advocates and supporters. We run short courses to train people to become Quality Checkers
  • Quality Checks of Supported Living Services
  • Quality Checks of housing support
  • Quality Checks of day services
  • Training, advice and consultancy on quality, service improvement and quality checking for Supported Living Providers.
  • Support, information and mentoring for Quality Checkers across the UK
  • Quality Checks of health services

We have checked services all over the UK, in:

  • Bradford and Leeds
  • Bury
  • Darlington
  • Gloucestershire
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • North Tyneside
  • South Tyneside
  • Worcestershire
  • The Wirral

We have trained many groups of people with learning disabilities to become

Quality Checkers. We have worked with:

  • VoiceAbility
  • Barnsley Learning Disability Services
  • Bournemouth People First
  • Brothers of Charity Certitude
  • Choice Support
  • Cornwall PCT
  • Dimensions
  • Integrate Preston
  • Borough of Poole
  • Bournemouth People First
  • Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Heritage Care People First Cumbria PossAbilities
  • Support for Living
  • Sunderland People First
  • Walsall Integrated Team
  • Worcestershire Supporting People Team
  • Wrexham Community Learning Disabilities Team
  • United Response

Meet the team

Leading the work of the Quality Checkers

  • Billy Richardson
  • Suzie Fothergill
  • Anthony Fothergill
  • Donna Johnston


Wht People say about Quality Checkers

”The certificate will show people I can do Quality Checks”. ”This is a very good course and well organised”. ”What a great atmosphere!”

Course Participants

”The training went really well ‐ the feedback was terrific. Two of the Quality Checkers are now going out together so that's connecting for you! So we are now raring to go”. -- Alison Thompson, Heritage Care

”The video was shown at our public board meeting and was extremely well received by all present... Thank you again for helping us on this inspirational piece of work”. -- Ruth Fitzjohn, Chair, Gloucestershire Primary Care Trust

“This has been a huge morale booster for the support team”. -- Service Manager, Community Access Network, North Tyneside Council

If you want to know more, get in touch