Planning your life


Person centred planning is a way for people to plan for the future – to help people plan for a good life in the community and figure out good support to make this happen.

Person centred planning belongs to people and their allies and is not something that should be done to people.

We have been helping people make person centred plans for years here at Skills for People.

Person centred planning starts with the person who wants to make a change and gathers people who love and care about that person together to help them make a plan. This group of people is sometimes called a circle of support.

Person centred Planning can help people:

  • Take charge of decisions in their life
  • Find a sense of direction
  • Find new people and places in the community
  • Get the best out of the services they receive

For information about different ways to do plans click here What is person centred planning?

Mary’s story

Mary (not her real name) is a young woman who had drifted from service to service, from special school to specialist college. When college finished she found herself bored and frustrated ‐ in the house watching daytime TV or mixing with a ‘bad crowd’. Mary’s family requested a ‘person centred plan’, Mary made her plan with the help of the people she chose. The plan helped everyone to think about big questions like “what does Mary do with her life? Which direction is she going? How can she get more connected to what’s going on? How can we help her build a circle of friends who will be there for her when the family isn’t around anymore?”

The people who Mary chose to help her, met together as a ‘Circle of Support’. Mary’s plan has helped her get some support in her life. It has given her confidence to try new things. She is using her gifts and talents to get more involved with things in her community. Mary says, “the plan has really helped, it’s made me think that I can do things – and I’m doing them now.”

the plan really helped ‐ he is doing really well. He is engaged in most days on activities he enjoys. It’s the first time he’s really been listened to”

-- a parent

I’ve learned so much about my daughter”

-- a parent