Geordie Mums

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Geordie Mums is a group for mums with a learning disability, providing support with parenting and loss. We campaign for change and human rights.

Geordie Mums would love you to join them

We are all mums. Some of us have our children living with us, some do not. We are a friendly group who support and look out for each other. If you are worried about coming, someone can come to meet you. We meet once a month at Skills for People in Jesmond, Newcastle.

What do the Geordie Mums do?

Some of us do training - we teach midwives and social workers about what it's like to be a mum with learning disabilities. We want to make it better for other mums.

We have an advocate that we can talk to, she helps us with problems.

We get people to come to talk to us about the things that we want to know.

We do activities and crafts too.

When do the Geordie Mums meet?

Geordie Mums meet on the first Wednesday of the month from 11am-2pm. It's a friendly relaxed group where mums with a learning difficulty can meet together as friends to talk about the things affecting them and get advice.

The group is supported by Project Workers Donna Johnston, Joanna Routledge and Gail Wright (advocate).

If you'd like to visit or join the group please contact Skills for People by calling 0191 281 8737. Or sending an email to

How does Geordie Mums work?

The group is for mums only. There will be no men in our group and children do not come to the meetings.

Members of the group are expected to attend most meetings but we welcome people who want to try it out before deciding whether to join or not.

The group has agreed on ways to respect each other, to be supportive and trust what is said in the group is kept private.

We are a speaking up group but no-one has to talk about anything that they don't want to.

We ask for a referral form to be filled in by someone who knows you well before you come to a meeting. This helps us to keep people safe and supported at Skills for People.

Sometimes we talk about our experiences of services and professionals so that we can try to change the things we want to change-so that life is better for us and other women like us.

There is a chance to talk one-to-one with an advocate at each meeting if you want to-for information, advice or to help with a problem.

What do the Geordie Mums say?

I had my son at home until he was 6 years old. When he was 5 he could go to school club. I did get support when me and my husband split up. I just had my mam to help. I had a social worker when my son was 3. If I had more help I could have kept my son. It would have been good to have Geordie Mums then.

I like coming to the group. I like the people that come. I like the things we do like pottery. I've made new friends. I'd miss it if it wasn't on. I'd miss the mothers and the chats. When I first came I felt nervous and shy, but I think every one is. I don't feel that now.

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