Aspirations For Life

Aspirations For Life was a campaign that received funding from the Government in 2009 and 2010 as part of the Valuing People Now Employment strategy - raising aspirations and expectations for people with learning disabilities

Skills for People have been involved in the project as part of the Newcastle delivery team, with Kellie Woodley and Chantel, a local young person from Newcastle, leading our involvement. who is completely the preparation for work course and has lots of work experience.

The Aspirations for Life website provides lots of helpful information, and resources to help you inspire young people with learning disabilities , their families, carers; and employers:

Click here for information about Aspirations for Life

Click here for easy read information about Aspirations for Life

User Led Organisations (ULO)

Skills for People User Led Organisation. People with learning disabilities are supported to run and control the work we deliver and the governance of the organisation.

We think it is really important that people with learning disabilities are able to play their part in running organisations.

‘IN OUR HANDS’ – people with learning disabilities leading in organisations

Skills for People have been chosen to lead on this project, which aims to ensure that people with learning disabilities, and other excluded groups, are given the tools to ensure that they can develop their leadership skills and participate as fully as possible in decision making in the North East.

We have been finding out what materials there are to help people with learning disabilities and others who are involved in running organisations. We have been looking for examples of good practice which can be shared. We will hold an event to share our findings and hear the views of participants.

ULO North East Network

Skills for People have been working in partnership with Visonsense, to support the development of a network of User Led Organisations in the North East, funded by The Regional Efficiency and Improvement Programme (REIP).

Our services, Our say

Between 2005 and 2011, Skills for People worked with children and young people up at Prudhoe Hospital. We supported them to be involved in the planning and design of the name children and young peoples’ hospital called Ferndene..

Young people have been involved in all aspects of the planning and design and have their own design team who meet up monthly and get information and have a say on how things should be. The young people have made big changes to the design of the hospital by being really involved.

The Young People’s Design Team won the ‘shining a light on excellence award’ for service user involvement. We won this for making a great DVD to involve all young people in the design of the new hospital.


We aim to encourage people with learning disabilities to develop their leadership skills. Two our of team, Chas Blakey and Graham Newton are graduates of Tomorrow’s Leaders, a course run by Inclusion North, and funded by the Department of Health. The course is for people with learning disabilities who are leaders, to develop their skills, and learn more about changing the lives of disabled people. Chas plans to help others to become strong leaders, and has been offering training around the region over the year.

Get in touch if you want to hear about some of our earlier work testing out new ideas

  • IMCA pilot 2006‐7
  • Brokerage pilot project (2008)
  • Support planning with young people with learning disabilities (2009 – 10)