New!!! Independent Support for young people and their families

Skills for People are very pleased to be providing the Independent Support service in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The role of the independent Supporter with be to provide help, advice and support to any young person (and their family) undergoing an Education, Health and Care Assessment; and those young people (and families) who have a statement but will soon have a single Education, Health and Care Plan.

Skills for People will be working closely with the council, schools, Parent Partnership and family forums to identify parents and young people who may benefit from Independent Support.

The independent Supporter can help by supporting familes and young people by phone or face to face - we can visit you at home. We can help you to understand the new system, prepare for meetings, write letters. We can come along to meetings with you. We can tell you who can help you when things don't go smoothly.

We have three Independent Supporter: Gillian Goodbrand, Glenn Howe, and Paul Murphy. We will be recruiting more soon!

If you would like more information ....please get in touch on 01912818737 or