What we do

This page tells you what help we can give – but just get in touch with us and someone will talk to you about how we might help you.

Help and Connect for you

If you live in Newcastle upon Tyne, you can get help from Help
and Connect.

Help and Connect is a place you can come to get help about these things.

  • Find out what’s going on in Newcastle upon Tyne – sport, education, fun, health, jobs, making friends....whatever!!!

  • Where you can get support to live your life

  • Get help with your Individual Budget – to make sure you have the right support for your life.

  • Get help to plan your support services (carers, support workers) – you might want help with a Support Plan or a Person Centred Plan.

  • If you don’t feel happy about trying something new, our volunteers might be able to help you take the first steps. Click here to find out about Go for it!

Learn about things that matter to you!

Click here to read about our courses for people with learning disabilities.

Need a Circle of Support?

We can help people who have no friends or relatives to get together Circles of support. This means a group of people who get together regularly to help you meet people and get your life as you want.

Advocacy for you

Our advocates might help if you have a problem, or want some extra help.

Working at Skills for People

If you want to work at Skills for People, get in touch! Local people work here as staff and volunteers. They can work as Quality Checkers, or as trainers, helping to make information easy, working in our cafe or offices.