How we work


Skills for People relies on its disabled volunteers and staff. Their hard work and ideas are at the heart of what we do. Get in touch if you want to find out about working at Skills for People.

Skills for People is a charity and a company limited by guarantee We are a user led organisation and our Board of Directors is made up of disabled people, family members and professionals from all walks of life. The Board checks our work and ensures that we are run well and that we stick to our mission.

Our Board has several sub groups including Programme Committee. Programme Committee is a group of up to 20 disabled people who help the Board to decide what Skills for People does and how we work. Programme Committee makes sure that the work we do is really what disabled people and their families need.
It’s also important to us that we include everyone! Programme Committee meets every month.

We have a team of talented staff and volunteers. Many of our team are disabled people.

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