About Us


Skills for People is a user-led, voluntary organisation working in the North East, inspiring people from across the UK and elsewhere. Since 1983 we have been working to make sure disabled people can be in control of their own lives, strong confident and included in the communities of their choice.

We have always had disabled people, particularly those with learning disabilities leading our work – they decide what happens here, they work here as employees, Directors, and volunteers.

Most of our work is in North East England, and our office is in Newcastle upon Tyne. Members of our team travel across the UK to promote the rights of disabled people.

Our Dream is a world where:

  • All people are valued and treated fairly.
  • People are not left out because they are different.
  • Disabled people are strong, confident and living the lives they choose.

Our Aims are to enable disabled people to:

  • Lead happy and independent lives.
  • Be living the lives they choose.
  • Be included in the communities of their choice.
  • Be strong, confident and able to speak up for themselves.
  • Have more control over the organisations which affect their lives.
  • Tell others about the challenges faced by disabled people.

About our work

We support disabled people and their families. We offer training, consultancy and support for organisations which support disabled people. Our work is led by disabled people and their experiences are at the heart of all we do.

Visit the ‘What we do’ page to find out more about our work.