About Us


Our values: • All people should be valued and treated fairly. • Disabled people and their families should have the same chances, choices and rights as everyone else, so they may lead good, healthy and meaningful lives • Disabled people should be able to play their full role in society. They have talents and strengths which enrich our society.

How we do pursue our values (what we do) Skills for People is a well established voluntary organisation (since 1983) based in Newcastle upon Tyne, working across the North East, and promoting good practice nationally. We have a reputation for our innovation.
Skills for People: • Supports disabled people with learning disabilities and/or autism and their families • Supports organisations which provide services for people with learning disabilities and autism • Supports innovation and collaboration in order to bring about improvements in society and services.

Our model of delivery is based on some key principles: co-production, inclusion, empowerment and self determination.

We set out to change lives through learning from disabled people, and encouraging people to do the same.

Each year, we support over 3000 people with learning disabilities and/or autism and their family carers.